Industry Research

VCA can provide your firm with research reports on an industry vertical and a technology poised to disrupt it. Leverage our industry research team to gain an in-depth understanding of emerging technologies and identify new investment opportunities. Each of the below examples was completed by one analyst in two weeks. Our capabilities can go beyond the scope of these examples and our reports can be tailored to your firm's needs.


"In our last engagement with VCA, the students conducted week-long sprints to better understand fast growing markets at the intersection of new technologies and mature sectors. The group diligently and pragmatically combed through market research, financial databases, and technical white papers to create concise briefs on each target market. To say we enjoyed working with these students would be an understatement.


This group is dauntless in their pursuit of accumulating knowledge and exercising their learnings. It was a real pleasure engaging with the students at VCA."

- Amrit Singh, TechNexus